Swarovski Lighting

Crystal is transparent glass faceted and treated for a high degree of brilliance and optical purity, appreciated for its decorative beauty. Crystal can be crafted in a number of shapes and colors, and may be machine-cut, hand-cut or molded into beautiful geometric forms. Machine-cut crystals have facets that are sharp and perfectly defined with crisp edges, allowing more light refraction giving more sparkle and personality to the crystal piece. Hand-cut crystals offer a more classic look and feel. The skill with which a crystal is cut determines how well it reflects and refracts light. The balance of precision and craftsmanship unlocks a crystal’s unique brilliance and luster . The process is labor intensive, and patterns from tools may be left on the crystal, adding to its beauty and attesting to the traditional methods used in this process. Whether machine or hand-cut, the quality of the crystal used in Swarovski Lighting remains peerless in its baseline quality and heritage of cutting expertise.