Custom Lighting Solutions

Our team of experienced in-house lighting designers and engineers specialize in the custom modification of our premium lighting brand ,Swarovski, for residential and hospitality design applications. Swarovski, with its contemporary design language shares over 250 years of crystal and lighting history. At Swarovski Lighting's U.S.A. based facility, our product designers and engineers collaborate under one roof to bring inspiration to life. From inception to completion, the team works hand in hand with our customers to skillfully modify the original chandelier to personalized perfection. Each standard lighting piece is re-engineered and handcrafted by leveraging our core competencies: combining premium, hand-pinned crystal with proprietary metal working techniques. We are world-renowned for our laser-cut metal working, beautiful hand-rubbed finishing techniques and intricate crystal pinning methods, resulting in a one-of-a-kind custom masterpiece.

Swarovski Lighting captures and communicates a broad spectrum of styles, offering many different ways of combining light sources to suit any room design limited only by the imagination.

Custom Product Gallery