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Swarovski Lighting Reveals New Infinite Aura Collection

Swarovski Lighting Reveals New Infinite Aura Collection

If you are a fan of affordable luxury design and love being surrounded by shiny crystals, then you won’t be able to resist the newest addition to the SWAROVSKI Lighting family: The Infinite Aura. The Infinite Aura collection brings the brilliant luxury of Swarovski but with a technological twist:  the advanced lighting experience enables the user to showcase the chandelier as a work of art that can be controlled by a mobile app. Users can now customize light patterns that send a never-ending reflection into infinity and create an illusion of light and color.

We consider the Infinite Aura as a lighting experience that blurs the line between reality and illusion. it’s not just created with exquisite craftsmanship but also has cutting-edge technology and innovative design. The LEDs can be dimmed to an impressive 1% and the light temperature can be controlled across the collection from 2700 Kelvin up to 6500 Kelvin. Once a user has managed the setting and, they can save their customized preferences so that they can get the right ambience every time. 

With infinite light comes infinite control. Now, with a click of a button on the custom Swarovski app called “Infinite Control”, users can change the light to match their mood. You can choose from radiant rays to a dim glimmer or choose to change the light color and vibrancy.

The collection is now available in the UAE through the Swarovski Authorized partner, Pontem Interiors. Visit http://PONTEM.NET to learn more.| +971 501 508 501.