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How you can highlight with lighting

How you can highlight with lighting

Lighting can do wonders for your home. With the right illumination techniques, it can light up your house in a way that makes it truly unique. It can create a sense of warmth in large rooms and can brighten small rooms. There are different kinds of light fixtures that can be used to layer light, such as wall sconces, track lighting, recessed lights, and so on. You can also use light to bring light, that is, to highlight areas in your home. This way your house appears bigger, fresher and decidedly more stylish.


Highlighting adds light to features to increase their appeal. Here are a few examples of how highlighting can add ambiance and exquisiteness to your space.


  • You can add some chicness to your kitchen, while saving money, by affixing hidden fluorescent lights to the tops of the cabinets. They spruce up a kitchen by reflecting light off the ceiling, and they cost little to install. This is a trick used by many of the most sought-after interior designers.


  • To highlight your sitting room and make it appear bigger, put an up-light in the corner. It will group light on the ceiling and increase the illusion of space.


  • Another clever use of lighting to increase the illusion of space is lighting up the base of a flight of stairs and the same thing goes for corridors. You can create a gentle light by hiding a light behind a batten four inches away from the wall and paint it the same color. To create a more dramatic look, use up-lighters in wall recesses.


  • If you want to silhouette objects or create a secondary source of light in areas where the light is not sufficient, in for instance a bedroom, use up-lights on the top of cupboards or tall chests. These provide soft, indirect lighting.


  • To extend your highlighting efforts into a basement, you can lure people down with an illuminated staircase. Use LED lights, and sink them into the walls along the stairs.


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