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How to use Lighting to Complete your Home

How to use Lighting to Complete your Home

To create a complete design of a home, the one thing that elevates the look and sets the mood is lighting. Usually, the attention of a homeowner is focused on furnishings, flooring, draperies, and artworks. More often than not, people overlook lighting and prefer to spend that money on other aspects of the decor. Not realizing the most essential factors of design, which pulls the entire look together, is actually lighting. With Swarovski and Schonbek lighting, you can create a sense of warmth and appeal in your home, but bad lighting can make your home look depressing and uninviting.

First, you have to know how to choose the right lighting style for each specific area. At Pontem, our highly trained staff advise you on the best lighting essentials that will help in transforming your house into a home. In fact, proper lighting can make a poorly decorated house more extravagant. It has the ability to make large cold spaces appear warm and cozy, and make small cramped spaces seem spacious and larger.

When decorating a room, the rule of thumb is to combine the three types of lighting: task home lighting like the StarLED by Swarovski, and general home lighting. The perfect example of that is the beautiful Estrella pendant lights also by Swarovski. And finally, the accent home lighting with one of Swarovski’s most popular sconces, the Eyris.

At Pontem we know that beauty is important but we also consider functionality. Although our pieces are decorative and add style, they also are practical and offer the proper indoor and outd0or lighting needs for your home’s functionality. 

Whether it is with our Swarovski lighting collection or our exquisite Schonbeck chandeliers, you are certain to find the perfect living room, dining room or bedroom lighting that fits your style.