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Custom Designs and Personalized Beauty

Custom Designs and Personalized Beauty

Pontem Interiors is proud to house the brightest and most talented lighting designers in the industry. The in-house designers and engineers specialize in the custom modification of our premium lighting brand, Swarovski, for residential or commercial spaces.


At Swarovski Lighting's U.S.A. based facility, the designers and engineers collaborate to bring your designs to life. Our clients are involved in every step of the way, from concept to creation, to ensure pure customization and revision of the original chandelier to personalized perfection. No matter what alterations are made, each lighting piece is always created with Swarovski’s core competencies: combining premium, hand-pinned crystal with proprietary metalworking techniques.


For generations, Swarovski has been known for their impeccable laser-cut metalworking, beautiful hand-rubbed finishing techniques, and intricate crystal pinning methods, resulting in a one-of-a-kind custom masterpiece.


Below are samples of our exquisite custom work.

A statement piece, this chandelier was designed for a hospitality project. The stunning fixture features circles in diameters ranging from 44”-87” highlighted by a combination of 63mm and 76mm prisms, 63mm and 100mm angled prisms, and 12mm octagons with 38mm pear drop.

Inspired by the fluidity, asymmetry, and voluminous qualities of water, this crystal chandelier evokes the grandeur of a spectacular fountain while the asymmetrical draping of crystal strands from one ring to the other adds a touch of glamour. This fixture is non-illuminated and hangs on cables suspended from the supported finished ceiling. Lights can be installed in the ceiling above the fixture to properly illuminate the piece.

Inspired by our Vesca collection, this custom-sized two-tier Vesca Chandelier drips with shimmering crystal chains from its frame, shaped like petals of a strawberry flower blossoming in the springtime sun.

Inspired by raindrops gently dripping from freshly washed leaves after a storm, this fixture has metallic leaf-like shapes inscribed with laser-cut veins and festooned with crystals flowing like water droplets from its boughs.