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Creating the Perfect Lighting for the Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen

Creating the Perfect Lighting for the Bedroom, Dining Room and Kitchen

Swarovskito Schonbek every indoor and outdoor lighting piece will mesmerize you. Swarovski with its timeless modern pieces and Schonbek with its neoclassic chandeliers will add charm to any living space in your home and bring out the beauty of your existing decor.

There are certainly a lot of things to be considered when it comes to various lighting designs. Beauty is important but functionality is necessary. In a home, each room comes with different functionality needs and the lights have to live up to the task. In a romantic setup; you want the light settings to enhance and improve the atmosphere of a particular moment. In a home office, dining room, bathroom or kitchen, specific lights are needed to make the area functional, yet pretty. In the kitchen, you’ll want a lighting design that illuminates the room in the best way possible like Crystalon, the fluttering crystal constellation light by Swarovski. You can then add small task lights to highlight a certain area of the kitchen.

In the bedroom, for example, you may want an array of assorted lamps to serve the different activities you do there. A nice bedside lamp is a great source of light for reading, while some soft recessed lights on a dimmer switch can ease you into a nighttime mood. However, it’s crucial to have a ceiling fixture to light the room when you are getting ready.

In a dining room, a chandelier is one of the things that can be added to the lighting design and made the centerpiece of any room. The Century chandelier by Schonbeck brings a classic touch with a modern twist.

The lighting fixtures of your home should be looked at as artwork. They define the space and set the mood. At Pontem, we understand the importance of completing your home with ambiance and present only the most magnificent pieces to constantly take your breath away.