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Contemporary Chandeliers That Fit All Design Styles

Contemporary Chandeliers That Fit All Design Styles

Chandeliers have been around since the medieval times; although back then they were not as chic and stylish as they are today. Where once they were a symbol of wealth, nowadays chandeliers are used to complete a contemporary design in modern and chic homes.

Centuries ago, they used to be candle, crystal and glass behemoths. But with time and the introduction of gas and electrical lighting, those massive lighting fixtures became inefficient and cumbersome, as compared to the newcomers. Not much has changed since the 20th century introduced the widespread use of electrical fixtures. Decorating your interior with chandeliers is no longer complicated. All you have to consider is that the large, expensive and flamboyant fixture you are purchasing will be firstly used to improve the aesthetics of the room.

It’s a common misconception that, to create ambient light, you can’t rely on the chandelier light on its own and you’ll have to boost the light with other sources. It’s widely believed that some of the flamboyant chandeliers are designed for decorative purposes and produce light that really has little use at the end of the day. However, with the latest technology adopted by Swarovski lights, chandeliers in your home or business are no longer there just for aesthetic purposes but can be a great source of lighting.

There are different fixtures to the chandeliers besides the flashy and ornate ones. The 2018 Swarovski collection is a testament to that.

Even if you opt for a minimalist interior design style, each Swarovski fixture is specially constructed to evolve ordinary spaces into illuminating atmospheres through the transformative qualities of crystal.

Overhanging or pendant designs have become widespread. This is because they save space and provide adequate illumination for most moods and areas. Overhanging lights are as beautiful and impressive as the other kinds of chandeliers, but they’re less invasive, more compact and you can have many of them in various places in your home. The introduction of these smaller yet impressive fixtures has enabled interior decors to use the lights to complement and supplement a homes décor instead of dominating it. A key factor to always consider is this: weight. How much does the fixture you’ve selected weigh, and how strong is the spot on the ceiling where you want to place it?

With the need for more practical chandeliers on the increase and the reversal of the historic trend that favored larger and more flamboyant chandeliers, they can now be used to add style to the average home. This is good news to the average consumer as this permits them to choose from a much wider choice of designs and sizes for interior décor in the average home. Of course, there are many factors that you should consider before selecting a chandelier for your home, but with the choices widened and made much easier for you, choosing one suited to your lifestyle is made much easier.

Pontem Interiors Now

With the addition of Schonbek, a brand known for its heritage of premium quality and hand craftsmanship, Pontem Interiors will strengthen its lighting selection, service, and value to support its overall vision of being the leading, trusted, expert retailer of lighting in the UAE. Like Pontem, Schonbek is committed to helping customers beautify their environment by providing incredible product selection, service, expertise.

Since 1870, Schonbek has been synonymous with authentic crystal chandeliers of the highest heirloom quality. Each creation is a radiant masterpiece of elegance and opulence, designed to illuminate generation to come. For more than 140 years, the Schonbek name has carried with it a reputation as a change maker in lighting, revolutionizing the industry. To date, Schonbek is responsible for more than 200 patents.

True to the Schonbek’s heritage of handcraftsmanship, each premium chandelier is delicately hand worked in the service of beauty. The result is pieces of exceptional grandeur that are appreciated by traditionalists and modernists alike.  A made-to-order brand, each authentic masterpiece shines with its own special character in more than 50,000 combinations of finishes, crystal types and styles. Schonbek is manufactured exclusively at its global headquarters in Plattsburgh, NY, U.S.A., drawing inspiration from its rich European heritage and longstanding tradition of chandelier making. Schonbek is a member of the Swarovski Group.