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The bathrooms in your homes deserve the same attention as all the other areas, especially when it comes down to lighting. It’s a place that you spend a lot of time on grooming so it needs to have the right lighting to serve your functional needs. It also should be able to transform seamlessly into a relaxing space for when you use the tub or shower. One of the best ways to control the mood in any room is to have a range of lights that can be dimmed and layered.

In this blog, we are going to share basic lighting tips that can help enhance the quality and comfort of your bathroom.


Using natural light is one of the most underrated forms of lighting. Not only is it functional but exposure to natural light also elevates the mood and can help regulate sleep cycles. For women, if you apply your makeup in a naturally lit bathroom you will have the chance to see how your look appears it the outdoors.


The bathroom, along with a few other rooms, is a space that requires a multitude of different lighting. Your vanity fixtures (which are commonly used for beautification) would be more beneficial if they have a bright glow bulb. For the calmer moments in the bathroom, ambient lighting is best used with a dimmer.


It’s not only about functionality but looks matter too. To get the most pleasing look aesthetically, avoid using overhead lighting because it will cast shadows on your face and it also doesn’t look appealing when reflected off the ceiling. It’s best to replace overhead lighting with sconces and other wall mounts, it will eliminate shadows and provide you with direct lighting.

Ambiance Lighting

Your day time and night time needs require different lighting and it can be challenging to design lighting that fit both without looking overcrowded. Our designers recommend that you choose low-wattage options that are used only at the time (maybe even motion detecting) or place dimmers to allow for a large range of illuminations throughout the house.

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