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A Hotel is Considered a Second Home, It Should Feel Like It

A Hotel is Considered a Second Home, It Should Feel Like It

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, one of the world’s most influential and stylish interior designers once said, “Lighting is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”


Indeed, lights play a pivotal role in creating the mood and feel of an environment. It is very influential in creating the perception for anyone walking into a place. Light can either brighten up your mood or make you cringe. There’s one place where lighting needs to be truly studied or it can actually affect revenue, and that’s the hospitality industry.


Details are everything, it takes a split second to create a good impression and an equal amount of time to create a bad one too. Thus, good lighting is ideal for creating a warm and inviting setting for hotel guests.


A recent study revealed that a huge number of reviews by hotel guests expressed disappointment over the hotel’s lighting, not just in the rooms but also in the hotel common areas as well. Therefore, it is elementary to choose the right decorative lights for a hotel in all areas, ranging from the lobby to the lounges and of course the bedrooms.


Good lighting in a hotel highly depends on the interior designer or the hotel designer. It shouldn’t be left as a responsibility of the electrical engineers or hotel owners. Interior designers have the ability to study functionality and aesthetics.


As times have changed, so have the layouts of hotels. Instead of the traditional halls separating bars and restaurants, we find that most hotels are now one large open space. To accommodate the new structural trends, lighting has now also changed and most designers will now use soft lighting to create a warm atmosphere.


Many luxurious hotels today tend to choose Schonbek for main entrances and event halls. No surprise since it is the oldest and most reliable source of high-end lighting fixtures. Their chandeliers are carefully and intricately hand-crafted to perfection making them a focal point as guests enter the hotel. Hotel owners appreciate the opulent first impression that a stunning chandelier from Schonbek gives, the Camelot is a perfect example of breathtaking lavishness.


While Schonbek is recommended for halls, the more modern Swarovski provides the perfect option for rooms, bars, and restaurants. The Amaca, a brilliant crest shape graces any room with its feather-light presence. This style amplifies the energy of a room with a deliberately simple design that accentuates a room’s exquisite qualities. Swarovski adds a truly modern luxurious aura to a hotel that make guests never want to leave. After all, its Swarovski, it’s hard to go wrong!


Another trend in lighting that newly designed hotels are incorporating is making optimal use of natural light. Natural light always adds a touch of freshness and uniqueness to the atmosphere. However, for best results, our designers recommend creating a fusion of both natural lighting, decorative lighting and interior color selections. For example, sunlight combined with cool colors has a major influence on sleep and wakefulness.


Today, if there’s one place that anyone in the hospitality industry should be taking inspiration from its Dubai. It is the heart of the hospitality industry and boasts some of the most extravagant and iconic hotels in the world. Dubai is leading the interior design industry due to many different factors and lighting designs is one of them, receiving rounds of applause throughout the globe.


As advancements in the lighting industry are playing a larger role in hotel design, it is vital for every hotel to enrich the experiences of their guests in an unforgettable way and stand out from the competition using the newest and most innovative lighting pieces. Like Swarovski Lighting’s ‘Infinite Aura’, a lighting collection for the future that unites innovative technology, cutting-edge design and exceptional crystal craftsmanship.


The collection is now available in the UAE through the Swarovski Authorized partner, Pontem Interiors. Visit http://PONTEM.NET to learn more. | +971 501 508 501.